Phanteks PH-F140XP

  • $17.99

The new redeveloped blades in PH-F140XP are angled lower to achieve higher air pressure.  The redesigned MVB blades generate better airflow and produces better performance.  It improves the balance of airflow and air pressure when using as a case fan. PH-F140XP features new 140mm mounting holes for case/radiator fan replacement and includes a 400mm extension cable for improved cable management.
The PH-F140XP has a larger base with a magnetic brushless DC motor to avoid the effects of resonance and for rotational stability. To create better structural strength and reduce the vibration occurrence, Phanteks redesigned the back frame of the PH-F140XP.
With the noise reduction challenges in mind, we modified the component for lower actuator noise, PCBA for lower electromagnetic noise, brushless motor structure for lower operating noise and frame rib for lower wind and vibration noise. 

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