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The PH-F140TS, 140mm Premium fans with PWM functions from Phanteks is designed using the unique Maelström concept technology. PH-F140TS with PWM functions allows users to have speed adjustments, higher for performance and lower for silent operation. The stylish octagon frame fits 120mm mounting holes. The fans are specifically designed to overcome high static pressure, zero blade deflection, high efficiency, and low noise challenges in mind. It produces a powerful yet silent downdraft airflow with is nine blades and MVB feature. With the UFB bearing, composed by MOSS and SSC systems, long lifespan and rotation stability are made possible. PH-F140TS is setting the new standard in performance and compatibility.

MVB (Maelström Vortex Booster)
The nine blades are positioned in a way that it provides a powerfully controlled airflow. The MVB produces a downdraft vortex allowing air passage through the surface to produce a significantly better performance while keeping the noise level down.

UFB bearing (Updraft Floating Balance bearing)
Phanteks’ UFB bearings are composed by MOSS and SSC system. MOSS has an effective fan hub-blade ratio to achieve a dynamic balance, thus floating the axis for minimal air noise. SSC increases the bearing life span to ensure that the fan axis is consistently operating without mechanical noise.

Polarity Auto-Restart Protection
Phanteks’ unique fan circuit design provides a Fan Polarity Auto-Restart feature. The sensor inside of the fan will constantly send a series of rectangular signals to your PC M/B indicating that the fan is working correctly. The unique restart feature provides optimal support and protection.

Speeds Settings by Unique Q.S.A adapters and Anti-acoustic kits
Phanteks PH-F140TS comes with unique Q.S.A adapters for 1200, 900 and 750 rpm speed setting flexibility. Anti-Vibration compensators and rubber pads, eliminate the buzzing sound and absorb the vibration noise.

Patented Thermal Bracket
The Thermal Bracket enhances the thermal convection inside of the PC case and helps reduce the dust gathering on the GPU, MB and other components. Phanteks Thermal Bracket with the PH-F140TS fan is the only solution for the GPU thermal convection issue. The Thermal Bracket is designed to fit any expansion slots with washers for silent and solid uses.